01. My [chief] concern with the plan is the cost.
02. A [chief] scientist at the research institute says that average temperatures in the region this year are the highest on record.
03. Doctors say the disease is dangerous [chiefly] to the elderly or those who are already seriously ill.
04. The country's [chief] exports are fish, coffee and bananas.
05. He has been elected [chief] of his band and now leads the tribal council.
06. The [chief] of police held a press conference to announce the capture of the murderer.
07. Sitting Bull was the most famous [chief] of the Sioux nation.
08. Smoking is one of the [chief] causes of cancer.
09. Our teachers' [chief] concern with your son's school work is his lack of effort.
10. The winning hockey team was [chiefly] composed of Canadian players.
11. Don Marquis once stated that the [chief] obstacle to the progress of the human race is the human race.
12. Charles Kingsley once observed that we act as though comfort and luxury were the [chief] requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.
13. Saint Francis de Sales once advised, "Have patience with all things, but [chiefly] have patience with yourself."
14. William Shakespeare noted that each present joy or sorrow seems the [chief].
15. A Ghanaian proverb warns, "Don't expect to be offered a chair when you visit a place where the [chief] himself sits on the floor."
16. A New Zealander proverb notes that when one [chief] falls, another rises.
17. An American proverb observes that you cannot have all [chiefs]; you gotta have Indians too.
18. The [chief] export of Nauru, an island nation in the Western Pacific, is bird poop!
19. Rice is the [chief] food for about fifty percent of the population of the world.
20. John Jay , the first American [Chief] Justice, bought African slaves only so that he could then free them.
21. The tiny country of Brunei is known [chiefly] for the great wealth of its Sultan.
22. Cyril Parkinson once said that the [chief] product of an automated society is a widespread and deepening sense of boredom.
23. The [Chief] of Staff is in the conference room briefing the President on the terrorist attack.
24. In the Bronze Age, Stonehenge was used for ceremonial burials of local [chieftains].
25. The native [chiefs] wore their beautiful ceremonial gowns at the signing of the historic treaty.
26. Our [chief] source of fresh water is the rainfall that collects in lakes and rivers.
27. The new police [chief] has very conservative views, and is expected to be a real hard-liner.
28. The city's fire [chief] has announced that the fire that destroyed a city block was deliberately set by persons unknown.
29. American Indian [chief] Wilma Mankiller once remarked that she had run into more discrimination as a woman than as an Indian.
30. In Fiji, a commoner who displays great leadership skills can be elevated to the rank of high [chief].
31. American Indian [chief] Sitting Bull once said that the white man knows how to make everything, but he does not know how to distribute it.
32. Sugar remains the [chief] product and [chief] export of the island nation of Cuba.
33. A measles epidemic introduced to Fiji by their [chiefs] upon return from an official trip to Australia reduced the Fijian population by 50% in one century.
34. Yemen's [chief] seaport sits in the middle of an extinct volcano.
35. Frank Lloyd Wright once said that the heart is the [chief] feature of a functioning mind.
36. The diet of the people of Malawi consists [chiefly] of grains and vegetables.
37. The union [chief] was apparently murdered by a hired killer.
38. Selena's [chief] rival in the tennis tournament is none other than her sister, Venus.
39. Someone once joked that one of the [chief] pleasures of middle age is looking back at the people you didn't marry.
40. Guy Fawkes, [chief] plotter in the attempt to blow up the British Houses of Parliament, was executed in 1606.
41. The drum came into widespread use in Europe around the twelfth century, [chiefly] to keep time for singing and dancing.
42. Milan was the [chief] residence of the Western emperors in the fourth century.

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